Facebook suspends user for posting historical photos of topless Indonesian women by Hanis Maketab

These pictures of tits deserve reposting because there is already enough revisionist history in Indonesia without dragging breasts into the mess.

  1. Suharto was a monster who killed his people to get power.
  2. Moral panics about exposed nipples and hair are new obsessions (Hello, conservative religious movements!)
  3. LGBT people are not new in indonesia. Various, highly public, gender-bending transgender activity has been documented here for a millenium or more.
  4. etc

Also, I’m just going to re-iterate re: the last two items, that I have yet to see a moral panic about sex, drugs, or rock and roll that did not occupy more time than it should, while real, deadly crimes committed by the elite were passing by unremarked. This shit costs lives.

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