Lotekno live at the Sydney Improvisers Kollektiv Orchestra, August 5

Ensemble Tikoro and Lotekno

Sydney Improvisers Composers Kollektiv Orchestra
199 Enmore Rd, Sydney, Australia 2042

Hosted by Sydney Improvisers Composers Kollektiv Orchestra.
Tickets · $5-$10. Facebook page here.

Nicola Morton

This music possesses you and gives you back youth in the simple exchange for your opening your ears… Bashing beats, voluminous mental instant insane energy, strong synth riffs all working together to kick your health into a vibrant pulp, making you feel like a young puppy dog again! Fill yourself up with this electric punk vibe and soon you could go on dancing forever and ever!


Lotek, the food, is a mix of vegetables and spices that come from a lot of different places, but mostly Indonesia. Lotekno, the music project, is a mix of humans and sounds that come from a lot of different places, but mostly Indonesia. Robi Rusdiani’s acapella heavy metal army ‘Ensemble Tikoro’ filter through Dan Mackinlay’s algorithmic meta-analysis to jitter-glitch overload, Anomie jacks up ecstatic sun-worship trance-lords ‘Tarawangselas’ into spinning-rims crunk, and ruffles dubs jaipong torchsong siren Mita Kulsum into hypnotic voodoo dancehall.

Reuben Ingall

Reuben Ingall makes hi-tech lo-fi music, algorithmically mangling his guitar, voice and other sources to create lush soundscapes and lonely drone. His other projects include the radio program Subsequence, mixing and mastering bands, and a mashup-DJ act. He has worked on music for installations, theatre, film, and dance.


Long time music collector, maker and promoter, co-host on Shadows of Tomorrow on 2SER FM Monday nights from 8-10pm, Prize digs deep to guide you through a musical universe you never knew existed.

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