Friday Sunset Series–Asialink Arts x Lotekno + Ensemble Tikoro Presents ‘Kampung 2 da Klub’

“Lotekno is a spicy melange of cutting-edge electronics and ancient technique, metal and maths… a bamboo-silicon cocktail with a sambal-808 kick…”

For this special edition of MPavilion’s Friday Sunset Series, Asialink Arts and Lotekno present a collaborative project that remixes and reimagines material captured from the thriving music hub of Bandung, West Java. From ambient algorithmic processing of traditional Sundanese string, wind and percussion instruments, all the way through to deep electronic dub and dance explorations that spin up these sonic worlds into cutting edge dancefloor club sounds.

The line up features torch-song vocalist Mita Kulsum, alongside members of Bandung’s brutal acapella metal choir Ensemble Tikoro.

Anyone interested in hearing classical Sundanese sounds getting spun up in to dance floor club tunes, come and join the party as the sun sets over Melbourne!

And it’s free!

See the MPavillion site for details.

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